Published February 8, 2017 by noeliasmommy05

I don’t know how many of my followers are couponers. But I love saving money!

I have a few tips to share:

Always scour the weekly ads to see what stores have items for cheaper.

Sign up for store cards! Most stores have digital coupons. More ways to save money!

Clip and save coupons that you get in the paper. I clip all and save in a coupon binder. I take my binder each time I go to the store. This also allows me to save money.

Emailing companies. I usually email companies and ask for coupons and samples. (I do this twice a year). I am emailing companies today, and will compile my list to share.

There are also plenty of apps to help with couponing. I use: Favado, Flipp, Ibotta, Savings Catcher, and Receipt Hog.

I will make a future post going into further detail later!

Also I will make posts when I find really great deals to share with you all!



I am back!

Published February 6, 2017 by noeliasmommy05

I know I have been gone for a long while. I apologize. I hit a really rough spot in life. I am going through a divorce. I lost my home, car, and so much more. I have finally moved into a beautiful home that I love. I am happier than ever. I have a decent job, and hopefully another soon.

I also found out I have Crohn’s. I am glad to know why my body was not acting quite right. I am on medication, and feel so much better as well. I know I will never be 100% but I am okay with that.

Life is not always perfect or easy. But think positive!! There was times I wanted to give up, but I stuck to it. I am so glad I did because I look around me and see how truly blessed I am.



TV box

Published November 28, 2016 by noeliasmommy05

I received this TV box at a discounted price for my review. all thoughts  are purely my own.

First off, I do have a smart TV. I am use to using Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.

The TV box came with the box, the cords, and power cord. along with instructions. it took less than a minute to hook to my TV.

Once on the home screen has several options you can choose from. several apps: social apps, Netflix, YouTube and more.

The kodi app is my favorite. This app streams the internet for you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies! the shows are usually on the day after they air. I have watched several shoes and movies with no issues.

This devices  I is a great alternative to cable! You will need wifi and this device needs the internet to be able to function.



Link to purchase

Princess tent

Published November 28, 2016 by noeliasmommy05

So I received this princess tent to review. I fell in love with it! I am having difficulty keeping it up for Christmas. as it will be a gift for my two year old.

The tent is really easy to out together. you open the bag, and the tent fold out. the rods went in easy. took me a few minutes to have it all together.

Once together it’s quite larger than what I was expected. I like that their is glow in the dark stars on the fabric. there is a door and window. perfect for any princess.

The tent is also easy to fold up and store. I was able to fold and place back in th bag with no issues.


Link to purchase


Published November 7, 2016 by noeliasmommy05

I know I have been mia for awhile. please bare with me.

Due to some unfortunate events my children and I are saying with my mother until we find a home.

I also have been working more hours to help with our situation.

With the lack of reviewing I have been focusing on earning extra money. to not only pay the deposit so we can have our own home again, but also for Christmas for my children. Being a single mom is hard!

If you all could say a prayer that things continue to look up and no more setbacks!


Thanks and I’ll be posting soon!

Trash bags

Published October 13, 2016 by noeliasmommy05

As a large family we go through plenty of trash. I had a smaller trash can and it seemed I was always buying trash bags. We got a larger can. The store bought bags seemed to be too thin. They would rip easily leaving me frustrated.
These bags were great! They are the size I needed. The plastic did not rip easily at all. The plastic was thick. I don’t fill them all the way up so I can easily carry. But they do hold quite a bit.
I received this product at a discounted price for my honest and unbiased review.

Purchase here:


Some mummy loves you

Published October 9, 2016 by noeliasmommy05


I love Halloween. It’s one of my favorite holidays. I love the creepiness, the colors, and decor. And of course trick or treating with my children.


I received this gift basket. It is adorable. I was a bit bummed for the size. It is rather small. But still cute. The coffin shaped box is quite sturdy. I plan to use it as a decor piece. The coffin is filled with many items.


As you can see there are several candy pieces. There are also a couple fake bugs. And the eyeball has slime/putty inside. My children liked all the different items.

I think this would be a cute gift. Although I do think the price is on the higher side.

I received this product for free for my honest and unbiased review.

Purchase here: